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Publication Week Diary

It's here!!!!! Love at Cafe Lompar is finally released and available to buy as an ebook or paperback. As this is our first time ever being published, we thought we'd show you our publication week diary as we had a few surprises along the way.

8th July: Blog Tour is Announced.

We're a little ashamed to admit we didn't quite know what a blog tour was before we had one ourselves! Our wonderful blog tour was organised by Random Things and we were delighted with this lovely graphic they released.

13th July: Unboxing the Final Copies.

I was waiting by the door like a puppy dog watching for the postman to arrive this day, and it was very annoying when my mother got her copies before me! We were both so excited to hold the finished book in our hands, it was a real pinch me moment as cheesy as it sounds. We received 8 copies each, and I had a lovely author moment where I signed them all and cleared a space on my book shelves to display my stack.

To celebrate, I decided to make my first Instagram reel and I don't know how people make so many as it took me ages. I said I wouldn't follow the crowds but then hey-ho, marketing has to move with the times.

15th July: The Big Day has Arrived...

6am. I woke early to the surprising news that the book has sold out on Amazon. We couldn't believe our eyes but celebrated with egg on toast and a coffee. Unfortunately a mistake had been made with the publication date on certain websites, and so our publishers had to work on this as well as sending more stock to Amazon.

12pm. We spent most of the afternoon promoting the book on social media. This is where the majority of marketing is done, and we were thrilled with the first review on our blog tour by @littlemissbooklover87.

7pm. Time to celebrate. Although, due to the current pandemic that shall not be named, we couldn't be in Montenegro, we certainly felt like we were with the weather. A heatwave on publication day has to be a good sign, right?

We went to the Mumbles- Wales' answer to LA- and ate a wonderful meal with family at Bistrot Pierre (with plenty of champagne and cake!). When dreaming of being authors we imagined glamorous book launches and book signings to celebrate publication, but in reality we've had to learn along the way that the business has changed, and budget is more effectively spent on online marketing. We had a lovely evening talking about the book.

16th July: Back to the Grind...

The heatwave has persisted and so we are writing book 2 (current working title: 'Summer at Cafe Lompar') outside for a change, with a cuppa and plenty of sun cream. I could get used to this...

We do hope you've managed to get your copy of 'Love at Cafe Lompar', and if so, thank you for supporting us and buying the book. It is now available to order online and in all good bookshops!


Anna x

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