Debut novel 'Love at Cafe Lompar' out now


Love at Cafe Lompar

All you need is love, food and family!

While Grace is grieving for her husband Danilo after he dies suddenly from a heart attack, she is shell-shocked to find he has another family; a mistress and son in Montenegro. Grace and her daughter Kat embark on an adventure to discover more about the secrets of his hidden life. Soon they are entangled in the lives of Dan's other family, enchanted by the Montenegrin scenery and embroiled in life at Cafe Lompar, run by Rosa, Dan's mistress. 

Can Kat find what she's looking for along the radiant Adriatic shores? Will Grace ever be able to trust again and open her heart to love? 

We can't choose our family, but sometimes love and good food can remind us of what matters most. 

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Love at Cafe Lompar

Available now!

Anna and Jacqui Burns are a mother and daughter writing team based in South Wales and Derbyshire. They are very proud to announce their debut novel 'Love at Cafe Lompar' which will be released 15th July 2021 by Honno Welsh Women's Press.


All you need is love, family and food!



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